AP Dyno & Tuning

We tune it all and make sure our customers squeeze every ounce of power out of the car. From the track to daily driver, we have over 30 years combined experience to set you up right the first time. Apex-i Noesis FC, Hondata, GReddy E-Manage, Diablosport, LT1-Edit, Hypertech, Electromotive, ECU Twinkling, DSM Fastener MAP ECU, Apex-i AFC NEO, HKS FCON, HKS VPC, Increase Endorsement, Superchips, Rapid, XEDE, TECII, TECIII, Motec, and more

DYNO Run and Tuning Rates

Dyno Run per 1 Hour
Hourly Connection Fee
All Engine Management Tuning (Stand Alone)