SEIBON Carbon Fiber Trunk/Hatch
SEIBON Carbon Fiber Trunks and Hatches are designed to replace your factory trunk or hatch and accept all hinges, handles, glass and locks for 100% Bolt On fitment. Cut weight in style with SEIBON Carbon Fiber Trunks and Hatches. OEM Style guarantees your SEIBON Carbon Fiber Trunk will look just like factory. No additional fins, ducting or ...
SeibonSEIBON Carbon Fiber Trunk/Hatch

SEIBON Carbon Fiber Trunk/Hatch

SEIBON Carbon Fiber Trunk/Hatch
SEIBON Carbon Fiber Trunk/Hatch-2
SEIBON Carbon Fiber Trunk/Hatch-3
SEIBON Carbon Fiber Trunk/Hatch-4
SEIBON Carbon Fiber Trunk/HatchSEIBON Carbon Fiber Trunk/Hatch-2SEIBON Carbon Fiber Trunk/Hatch-3SEIBON Carbon Fiber Trunk/Hatch-4
Price: $669.80 - $1,530.00
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SEIBON Carbon Fiber Trunks and Hatches are designed to replace your factory trunk or hatch and accept all hinges, handles, glass and locks for 100% Bolt On fitment. Cut weight in style with SEIBON Carbon Fiber Trunks and Hatches. OEM Style guarantees your SEIBON Carbon Fiber Trunk will look just like factory. No additional fins, ducting or alterations from stock aesthetics. All SEIBON Carbon Fiber Products are:Hand Laid ?Wet Carbon Fiber Clear ?Gel Coated from the Factory Inspected Before Shipping
Return Policy

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All returns are subject to inspection. Any part that, in our opinion, shows evidence of being used or installed contrary to manufacturer's instructions and/or subjected to improper handling, packaging, or shipping by the customer will not be eligible for exchange, refund, or warranty consideration. We reserve the right to charge a restocking fee or refuse any return.


All products are shipped out from one of the Accelerated Performance shipping locations. Accelerated Performance drop ships some products and ships direct others. All products are shipped UPS or FedEx. Special arrangements may need to be made for international orders and oversize packages.  In the event a product arrives damaged to your location, please follow the steps listed below.  All damaged items must be reported to the shipping carrier immediately and you must notify Accelerated Performance within 2 days of receiving your order. If these steps are not followed, your shipment may not be able to be a candidate for the insurance claim.


Return Instructions

  • Take pictures of the damaged area of the product and email them to us at customerservice@acceleratedperformance.com
  • Keep the product and its original packaging and box
  • Make a list of the damaged or lost item(s)
  • Accelerated Performance will contact the shipper once we receive the email info above to schedule a pickup, DO NOT send it back to us
  • Once the product is picked up and inspected by shipping company, a replacement will be sent.

    The Shipping Rates shown at time of checkout are dimensional or weight based quotes. If your shipment weight is to much then contact us for a shipping quote. If there is an error in the shipping rate quoted we will contact you and let you know of the changes. International orders(Outside the USA) are not automatically processed as we may require additional information from you.
  • If a product is ordered and not wanted after 30 days, the UNUSED item can be returned for a 25% restocking fee.  Shipping is not refundable in either direction. All items wanting to be return MUST be reported within 10 days of the original invoice date. No items will be returnable after 90 days. All products shipped from Accelerated Performance or an affiliates warehouse are shipped via Fedex or UPS and require a signature when delivered. Some packages shipped from the manufacturer may or may not require signatures for package release. Fedex, UPS, and DHL have package pick up locations if you are unable to sign for the package.  I
  • Accelerated Performance  DOES NOT REFUND SHIPPING CHARGES   ***No Exceptions***

    In the event that the product you ordered is sent either incorrectly or processed wrong by Accelerated Performance, we will arrange for the package to come back to us and ship out a replacement.  We will evaluate the situation before we determine the shipment was incorrect.

    To return a item back to us, please do the following:
  • Contact one of our friendly agents to receive a RMA number. All packages returned without a Returned Merchandise Authorization number will be refused.
  • Package the item up in original packaging unless deemed unuseable
  • Include the UNUSED parts and any additional information that was included
  • Include a copy of your receipt
  • Write a brief description of the problem with the product
  • If you have a receipt for the return shipping include as well
  • We DO NOT except any COD packages

  • Application List
    ImageSKU / Part NoApplicationDetail
    TL9093ACIN2D TL9093ACIN2DAcura Integra (1990-1993)
    TL9401ACIN4D TL9401ACIN4DAcura Integra (1994-2001)
    TL9401ACIN2D TL9401ACIN2DAcura Integra (1994-2001)
    TL9206ACNSX TL9206ACNSXAcura NSX (1992-2006)
    TL0204ACRSX TL0204ACRSXAcura RSX (2002-2006)
    TL0607AUA4 TL0607AUA4Audi A4 (2006-2008)
    TL0607AUA4 TL0607AUA4Audi A4 Quattro (2006-2008)
    TL0809BMWE822D-C TL0809BMWE822D-CBMW 1 Series M (2011)
    TL0809BMWE822D TL0809BMWE822DBMW 128i (2008-2013)
    TL0809BMWE822D-C TL0809BMWE822D-CBMW 128i (2008-2013)
    TL0809BMWE822D TL0809BMWE822DBMW 135i (2008-2013)
    TL0809BMWE822D-C TL0809BMWE822D-CBMW 135i (2008-2013)
    TL1213BMWF30-C-S TL1213BMWF30-C-SBMW 320i (2013-2015)
    TL1213BMWF30 TL1213BMWF30BMW 320i (2013-2015)
    TL1213BMWF30-C TL1213BMWF30-CBMW 320i (2013-2015)
    TL1213BMWF30 TL1213BMWF30BMW 320i xDrive (2013-2015)
    TL1213BMWF30-C-S TL1213BMWF30-C-SBMW 320i xDrive (2013-2015)
    TL1213BMWF30-C TL1213BMWF30-CBMW 320i xDrive (2013-2015)
    TL9904BMWE462D-C TL9904BMWE462D-CBMW 325Ci (2001-2004)
    TL9904BMWE464D-C TL9904BMWE464D-CBMW 325Ci (2001-2004)
    TL9904BMWE462D-C TL9904BMWE462D-CBMW 325i (2001-2004)
    TL9904BMWE464D-C TL9904BMWE464D-CBMW 325i (2001-2004)
    TL0507BMWE90-C TL0507BMWE90-CBMW 325i (2006)
    TL9904BMWE464D-C TL9904BMWE464D-CBMW 325xi (2001-2004)
    TL9904BMWE462D-C TL9904BMWE462D-CBMW 325xi (2001-2004)
    TL0507BMWE90-C TL0507BMWE90-CBMW 325xi (2006)
    TL1213BMWF30-C TL1213BMWF30-CBMW 328d (2014-2015)
    TL1213BMWF30 TL1213BMWF30BMW 328d (2014-2015)
    TL1213BMWF30-C-S TL1213BMWF30-C-SBMW 328d (2014-2015)
    TL1213BMWF30-C TL1213BMWF30-CBMW 328d xDrive (2014-2015)
    TL1213BMWF30-C-S TL1213BMWF30-C-SBMW 328d xDrive (2014-2015)
    TL1213BMWF30 TL1213BMWF30BMW 328d xDrive (2014-2015)
    TL0708BMWE922D-C TL0708BMWE922D-CBMW 328i (2007-2012)
    TL0507BMWE90-C TL0507BMWE90-CBMW 328i (2007-2012)
    TL0910BMWE90-C TL0910BMWE90-CBMW 328i (2009-2012)
    TL1213BMWF30-C TL1213BMWF30-CBMW 328i (2012-2015)
    TL1213BMWF30-C-S TL1213BMWF30-C-SBMW 328i (2012-2015)
    TL1213BMWF30 TL1213BMWF30BMW 328i (2012-2015)
    TL1213BMWF30-C TL1213BMWF30-CBMW 328i GT xDrive (2014-2015)
    TL1213BMWF30-C-S TL1213BMWF30-C-SBMW 328i GT xDrive (2014-2015)
    TL1213BMWF30 TL1213BMWF30BMW 328i GT xDrive (2014-2015)
    TL0910BMWE90-C TL0910BMWE90-CBMW 328i xDrive (2009-2012)
    TL0507BMWE90-C TL0507BMWE90-CBMW 328i xDrive (2009-2012)
    TL1213BMWF30-C-S TL1213BMWF30-C-SBMW 328i xDrive (2013-2015)
    TL1213BMWF30-C TL1213BMWF30-CBMW 328i xDrive (2013-2015)
    TL1213BMWF30 TL1213BMWF30BMW 328i xDrive (2013-2015)
    TL0708BMWE922D-C TL0708BMWE922D-CBMW 328xi (2007-2008)
    TL0507BMWE90-C TL0507BMWE90-CBMW 328xi (2007-2008)
    TL9904BMWE464D-C TL9904BMWE464D-CBMW 330Ci (2001-2004)
    TL9904BMWE462D-C TL9904BMWE462D-CBMW 330Ci (2001-2004)
    TL9904BMWE464D-C TL9904BMWE464D-CBMW 330i (2001-2004)
    TL9904BMWE462D-C TL9904BMWE462D-CBMW 330i (2001-2004)
    TL0507BMWE90-C TL0507BMWE90-CBMW 330i (2006)
    TL9904BMWE464D-C TL9904BMWE464D-CBMW 330xi (2001-2004)
    TL9904BMWE462D-C TL9904BMWE462D-CBMW 330xi (2001-2004)
    TL0507BMWE90-C TL0507BMWE90-CBMW 330xi (2006)
    TL0507BMWE90-C TL0507BMWE90-CBMW 335d (2009-2011)
    TL0910BMWE90-C TL0910BMWE90-CBMW 335d (2009-2011)
    TL0708BMWE922D-C TL0708BMWE922D-CBMW 335d (2009-2011)
    TL0507BMWE90-C TL0507BMWE90-CBMW 335i (2007-2012)
    TL0708BMWE922D-C TL0708BMWE922D-CBMW 335i (2007-2012)
    TL0910BMWE90-C TL0910BMWE90-CBMW 335i (2009-2012)
    TL1213BMWF30 TL1213BMWF30BMW 335i (2012-2015)
    TL1213BMWF30-C-S TL1213BMWF30-C-SBMW 335i (2012-2015)
    TL1213BMWF30-C TL1213BMWF30-CBMW 335i (2012-2015)
    TL1213BMWF30-C-S TL1213BMWF30-C-SBMW 335i GT xDrive (2014-2015)
    TL1213BMWF30 TL1213BMWF30BMW 335i GT xDrive (2014-2015)
    TL1213BMWF30-C TL1213BMWF30-CBMW 335i GT xDrive (2014-2015)
    TL0910BMWE90-C TL0910BMWE90-CBMW 335i xDrive (2009-2012)
    TL0507BMWE90-C TL0507BMWE90-CBMW 335i xDrive (2009-2012)
    TL1213BMWF30-C TL1213BMWF30-CBMW 335i xDrive (2012-2015)
    TL1213BMWF30 TL1213BMWF30BMW 335i xDrive (2012-2015)
    TL1213BMWF30-C-S TL1213BMWF30-C-SBMW 335i xDrive (2012-2015)
    TL0507BMWE90-C TL0507BMWE90-CBMW 335is (2011-2012)
    TL0910BMWE90-C TL0910BMWE90-CBMW 335is (2011-2012)
    TL1213BMWF30-C-S TL1213BMWF30-C-SBMW 335is (2012-2013)
    TL1213BMWF30 TL1213BMWF30BMW 335is (2012-2013)
    TL1213BMWF30-C TL1213BMWF30-CBMW 335is (2012-2013)
    TL0507BMWE90-C TL0507BMWE90-CBMW 335xi (2007-2008)
    TL0708BMWE922D-C TL0708BMWE922D-CBMW 335xi (2007-2008)
    TL9703BMWE39-C TL9703BMWE39-CBMW 525i (2001-2003)
    TL0407BMWE60-C TL0407BMWE60-CBMW 525i (2004-2007)
    TL0407BMWE60 TL0407BMWE60BMW 525i (2004-2007)
    TL0407BMWE60 TL0407BMWE60BMW 525xi (2006-2007)
    TL0407BMWE60-C TL0407BMWE60-CBMW 525xi (2006-2007)
    TL9703BMWE39-C TL9703BMWE39-CBMW 528i (1997-2000)
    TL0407BMWE60 TL0407BMWE60BMW 528i (2008-2010)
    TL0407BMWE60-C TL0407BMWE60-CBMW 528i (2008-2010)
    TL1012BMWF10 TL1012BMWF10BMW 528i (2010-2012)
    TL1012BMWF10 TL1012BMWF10BMW 528i xDrive (2010-2012)
    TL0407BMWE60-C TL0407BMWE60-CBMW 528xi (2008)
    TL0407BMWE60 TL0407BMWE60BMW 528xi (2008)
    TL9703BMWE39-C TL9703BMWE39-CBMW 530i (2001-2003)
    TL0407BMWE60-C TL0407BMWE60-CBMW 530i (2004-2007)
    TL0407BMWE60 TL0407BMWE60BMW 530i (2004-2007)
    TL0407BMWE60-C TL0407BMWE60-CBMW 530xi (2006-2007)
    TL0407BMWE60 TL0407BMWE60BMW 530xi (2006-2007)
    TL0407BMWE60-C TL0407BMWE60-CBMW 535i (2008-2012)
    TL0407BMWE60 TL0407BMWE60BMW 535i (2008-2012)
    TL1012BMWF10 TL1012BMWF10BMW 535i (2010-2012)
    TL1012BMWF10 TL1012BMWF10BMW 535i xDrive (2010-2012)
    TL0407BMWE60 TL0407BMWE60BMW 535xi (2008)
    TL0407BMWE60-C TL0407BMWE60-CBMW 535xi (2008)
    TL9703BMWE39-C TL9703BMWE39-CBMW 540i (1997-2003)
    TL0407BMWE60-C TL0407BMWE60-CBMW 545i (2004-2005)
    TL0407BMWE60 TL0407BMWE60BMW 545i (2004-2005)
    TL0407BMWE60-C TL0407BMWE60-CBMW 550i (2006-2012)
    TL0407BMWE60 TL0407BMWE60BMW 550i (2006-2012)
    TL1012BMWF10 TL1012BMWF10BMW 550i (2010-2013)
    TL1012BMWF10 TL1012BMWF10BMW 550i xDrive (2011-2012)
    TL9904BMWE462D-C TL9904BMWE462D-CBMW M3 (2001-2004)
    TL0812BMWE90M3 TL0812BMWE90M3BMW M3 (2008-2013)
    TL0708BMWE922D-C TL0708BMWE922D-CBMW M3 (2008-2013)
    TL9703BMWE39-C TL9703BMWE39-CBMW M5 (2000-2003)
    TL0407BMWE60 TL0407BMWE60BMW M5 (2006-2010)
    TL0407BMWE60-C TL0407BMWE60-CBMW M5 (2006-2010)
    TL1012BMWF10 TL1012BMWF10BMW M5 (2013)
    TL1112CHCRU TL1112CHCRUChevrolet Cruze (2011-2013)
    TL1213CHSON-OE TL1213CHSON-OEChevrolet Sonic (2012-2013)
    TL14FDFI-OE TL14FDFI-OEFord Fiesta (2014-2016)
    TL9295HDCV2D TL9295HDCV2DHonda Civic (1992-1995)
    TL9295HDCVHB TL9295HDCVHBHonda Civic (1992-1995)
    TL9295HDCVHB-S2 TL9295HDCVHB-S2Honda Civic (1992-1995)
    TL9600HDCV2D TL9600HDCV2DHonda Civic (1996-2000) - DX
    TL9600HDCVHB TL9600HDCVHBHonda Civic (1996-2000)
    TL0204HDCVHB TL0204HDCVHBHonda Civic (2002-2005) - Si
    TL0607HDCV2D TL0607HDCV2DHonda Civic (2006-2011) - DX
    TL0607HDCV4D TL0607HDCV4DHonda Civic (2006-2011) - DX
    TL0607HDCV4DJ TL0607HDCV4DJHonda Civic (2006-2011)
    TL1213HDCV2D TL1213HDCV2DHonda Civic (2012-2013)
    RS1213HDCV2D-C RS1213HDCV2D-CHonda Civic (2012-2013)
    TL9397HDDS TL9397HDDSHonda Civic del Sol (1993-1997)
    TL8891HDCRX TL8891HDCRXHonda CRX (1988-1991)
    TL1112HDCZ TL1112HDCZHonda CR-Z (2011-2013)
    TL9701HDPR TL9701HDPRHonda Prelude (1997-2001)
    TL0005HDS2K TL0005HDS2KHonda S2000 (2000-2009)
    TL0809HYGEN2D TL0809HYGEN2DHyundai Genesis Coupe (2010-2013)
    TL1213HYVEL TL1213HYVELHyundai Veloster (2012-2013)
    TL0305INFG352D TL0305INFG352DInfiniti G35 (2003-2005)
    TL0305INFG352D-C TL0305INFG352D-CInfiniti G35 (2003-2007)
    TL0809INFG374D TL0809INFG374DInfiniti G37 (2008-2013)
    TL0809INFG372D-C TL0809INFG372D-CInfiniti G37 (2008-2010)
    TL0809INFG372D TL0809INFG372DInfiniti G37 (2008-2013)
    TL1012KIOP TL1012KIOPKia Optima (2010-2013)
    TL9804LXGS-OE TL9804LXGS-OELexus GS300 (1998-2004)
    TL9804LXGS-OE TL9804LXGS-OELexus GS400 (1998-2000)
    TL9804LXGS-OE TL9804LXGS-OELexus GS430 (2001-2004)
    TL0607LXIS TL0607LXISLexus IS F (2008-2014)
    TL0607LXIS TL0607LXISLexus IS250 (2006-2014)
    TL14LXIS TL14LXISLexus IS250 (2014-2015)
    TL14LXIS-C TL14LXIS-CLexus IS250 (2014-2015)
    TL0005LXIS TL0005LXISLexus IS300 (2001-2005)
    TL0607LXIS TL0607LXISLexus IS350 (2006-2014)
    TL14LXIS TL14LXISLexus IS350 (2014-2015)
    TL14LXIS-C TL14LXIS-CLexus IS350 (2014-2015)
    TL9200LXSC TL9200LXSCLexus SC300 (1992-2000)
    TL9200LXSC TL9200LXSCLexus SC400 (1992-2000)
    TL0306MZ6 TL0306MZ6Mazda 6 (2006-2007) - MazdaspeedT
    TL9396MZRX7 TL9396MZRX7Mazda RX-7 (1993-1995)
    TL0405MZRX8 TL0405MZRX8Mazda RX-8 (2004-2011)
    TL0204BMWMC TL0204BMWMCMini Cooper (2002-2004)
    TL0305MITEVO8 TL0305MITEVO8Mitsubishi Lancer (2003-2006)
    TL0305MITEVO8-C TL0305MITEVO8-CMitsubishi Lancer (2003-2006)T
    TL0809MITEVOX TL0809MITEVOXMitsubishi Lancer (2008-2015)
    TL0809MITEVOX-C TL0809MITEVOX-CMitsubishi Lancer (2008-2015)
    TL8994NS240HB TL8994NS240HBNissan 240SX (1989-1994)
    TL8994NS2402D TL8994NS2402DNissan 240SX (1989-1994)
    TL9598NS240 TL9598NS240Nissan 240SX (1995-1998)
    TL0205NS350S TL0205NS350SNissan 350Z (2003-2009)
    TL0205NS350HB TL0205NS350HBNissan 350Z (2003-2009)
    TL0910NS370HB TL0910NS370HBNissan 370Z (2009-2015)
    TL0910NSGTR-OE TL0910NSGTR-OENissan GT-R (2009-2015)
    TL8994NS240HB TL8994NS240HBNissan Silvia (1989-1994)
    TL8994NS2402D TL8994NS2402DNissan Silvia (1989-1994)
    TL9598NS240 TL9598NS240Nissan Silvia (1995-1998)
    TL9901NSS15 TL9901NSS15Nissan Silvia (1999-2002)
    TL9094NSR32 TL9094NSR32Nissan Skyline (1990-1994)
    TL9598NSR33 TL9598NSR33Nissan Skyline (1995-1998)
    TL9901NSR34 TL9901NSR34Nissan Skyline (1999-2002)
    TL1213SCNFRS-C TL1213SCNFRS-CScion FR-S (2013-2016)
    TL1213SCNFRS TL1213SCNFRSScion FR-S (2013-2016)
    TL0506SCNTC TL0506SCNTCScion tC (2005-2006)
    TL1112SCNTC TL1112SCNTCScion tC (2011-2014)
    TL0809SCNXB TL0809SCNXBScion xB (2008-2014)
    TL1213SCNFRS TL1213SCNFRSSubaru BRZ (2013-2017)
    TL1213SCNFRS-C TL1213SCNFRS-CSubaru BRZ (2013-2017)
    TL9801SBIMP TL9801SBIMPSubaru Impreza (1998-2001)
    TL0205SBIMP TL0205SBIMPSubaru Impreza (2002-2005)
    TL0205SBIMPHB TL0205SBIMPHBSubaru Impreza (2002-2007)
    TL0607SBIMP TL0607SBIMPSubaru Impreza (2006-2007)
    TL0809SBIMP4D-C TL0809SBIMP4D-CSubaru Impreza (2008-2014)
    TL0809SBIMP4D-OE TL0809SBIMP4D-OESubaru Impreza (2008-2011)
    TL0809SBIMPHB TL0809SBIMPHBSubaru Impreza (2008-2011)
    TL15SBIMP-C TL15SBIMP-CSubaru WRX (2015-2016)
    TL15SBIMP TL15SBIMPSubaru WRX (2015-2016)
    TL15SBIMP-C TL15SBIMP-CSubaru WRX STI (2015-2016)
    TL15SBIMP TL15SBIMPSubaru WRX STI (2015-2016)
    TL1213SCNFRS TL1213SCNFRSToyota 86 (2017)
    TL1213SCNFRS-C TL1213SCNFRS-CToyota 86 (2017)
    TL0005TYCEL TL0005TYCELToyota Celica (2000-2006)
    TL8487TYAE86HB TL8487TYAE86HBToyota Corolla (1984-1987)
    TL0005TYMRS TL0005TYMRSToyota MR2 Spyder (2000-2005)
    TL9200LXSC TL9200LXSCToyota Soarer (1991-2000)
    TL9398TYSUP TL9398TYSUPToyota Supra (1993-1998)
    TL9398VWG3 TL9398VWG3Volkswagen Golf (1993-1998)
    TL9904VWG4 TL9904VWG4Volkswagen Golf (1999-2004)
    TL0607VWGTI TL0607VWGTIVolkswagen GTI (2006-2009)
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