South Bend Clutch Dyna Max Organic Clutch Kits
South Bend Clutch Dyna Max organic clutch kits are manufactured with performance organic friction material. Designed to provide smooth clutch engagement, South Bend Clutch Dyna Max organic clutch kits include everything you need to do the job, including KEVLAR pilot bushings. These kits are available for a variety of applications with or without ...

South Bend Clutch Dyna Max Organic Clutch Kits

Price: $466.50 - $1,188.25
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South Bend Clutch Dyna Max organic clutch kits are manufactured with performance organic friction material. Designed to provide smooth clutch engagement, South Bend Clutch Dyna Max organic clutch kits include everything you need to do the job, including KEVLAR pilot bushings. These kits are available for a variety of applications with or without a flywheel.Clutch Kit, Organic, Clutch, Pressure Plate, Flywheel, Throw-out Bearing, Alignment Tool, Hardware, Dodge, Kit
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  • Application List
    ImageSKU / Part NoApplicationDetail
    SDM0105OK SDM0105OKChevrolet Silverado 2500 HD (2001-2005)
    SDM0105OK SDM0105OKChevrolet Silverado 3500 (2001-2005)
    13125-OK 13125-OKDodge D250 (1989-1993)
    13125-OKHD 13125-OKHDDodge D250 (1989-1993)
    13125-OR 13125-ORDodge D250 (1989-1993)
    13125-ORHD 13125-ORHDDodge D250 (1989-1993)
    13125-OK 13125-OKDodge D350 (1989-1993)
    13125-OKHD 13125-OKHDDodge D350 (1989-1993)
    13125-ORHD 13125-ORHDDodge D350 (1989-1993)
    13125-OR 13125-ORDodge D350 (1989-1993)
    13125-OK 13125-OKDodge Ram 2500 (1994-2004)
    13125-OKHD 13125-OKHDDodge Ram 2500 (1994-2004)
    13125-ORHD 13125-ORHDDodge Ram 2500 (1994-2004)
    13125-OR 13125-ORDodge Ram 2500 (1994-2004)
    1947-OK 1947-OKDodge Ram 2500 (2000-2005)
    1947-OK-HD 1947-OK-HDDodge Ram 2500 (2000-2005)
    1947-O 1947-ODodge Ram 2500 (2000-2005)
    G56-OKHD G56-OKHDDodge Ram 2500 (2005-2009)
    13125-OR 13125-ORDodge Ram 3500 (1994-2004)
    13125-OK 13125-OKDodge Ram 3500 (1994-2004)
    13125-ORHD 13125-ORHDDodge Ram 3500 (1994-2004)
    13125-OKHD 13125-OKHDDodge Ram 3500 (1994-2004)
    1947-O 1947-ODodge Ram 3500 (2000-2005)
    1947-OK 1947-OKDodge Ram 3500 (2000-2005)
    1947-OK-HD 1947-OK-HDDodge Ram 3500 (2000-2005)
    G56-OKHD G56-OKHDDodge Ram 3500 (2005-2009)
    13125-ORHD 13125-ORHDDodge W250 (1989-1993)
    13125-OKHD 13125-OKHDDodge W250 (1989-1993)
    13125-OK 13125-OKDodge W250 (1989-1993)
    13125-OR 13125-ORDodge W250 (1989-1993)
    13125-OK 13125-OKDodge W350 (1989-1993)
    13125-ORHD 13125-ORHDDodge W350 (1989-1993)
    13125-OKHD 13125-OKHDDodge W350 (1989-1993)
    13125-OR 13125-ORDodge W350 (1989-1993)
    1944-6OK 1944-6OKFord Excursion (2000-2003)
    1944-6OKHD 1944-6OKHDFord Excursion (2000-2003)
    1944325-OK 1944325-OKFord F Super Duty (1988-1994)
    1944-5OK 1944-5OKFord F Super Duty (1994-1997)
    1944-5OR 1944-5ORFord F Super Duty (1994-1997)
    1944325-OK 1944325-OKFord F-250 (1988-1994)
    1944-5OR 1944-5ORFord F-250 (1994-1997)
    1944-5OK 1944-5OKFord F-250 (1994-1997)
    1944-6OK 1944-6OKFord F-250 Super Duty (1999-2003)
    1944-6OKHD 1944-6OKHDFord F-250 Super Duty (1999-2003)
    1944325-OK 1944325-OKFord F-350 (1988-1994)
    1944-5OK 1944-5OKFord F-350 (1994-1997)
    1944-5OR 1944-5ORFord F-350 (1994-1997)
    1944-6OKHD 1944-6OKHDFord F-350 Super Duty (1999-2003)
    1944-6OK 1944-6OKFord F-350 Super Duty (1999-2003)
    1944-6OKHD 1944-6OKHDFord F-450 Super Duty (1999-2003)
    1944-6OK 1944-6OKFord F-450 Super Duty (1999-2003)
    1944-6OK 1944-6OKFord F-550 Super Duty (1999-2003)
    1944-6OKHD 1944-6OKHDFord F-550 Super Duty (1999-2003)
    1944325-OK 1944325-OKFord F59 (1988-1994)
    1944-5OR 1944-5ORFord F59 (1994-1997)
    1944-5OK 1944-5OKFord F59 (1994-1997)
    SDM0105OK SDM0105OKGMC Sierra 2500 HD (2001-2005)
    SDM0105OK SDM0105OKGMC Sierra 3500 (2001-2005)
    G56-OKHD G56-OKHDRam 2500 (2011-2012)
    G56-OKHD G56-OKHDRam 3500 (2011-2012)
    G56-OKHD G56-OKHDRam 4500 (2011-2012)
    G56-OKHD G56-OKHDRam 5500 (2011-2012)
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